Transmitters for humidity

The appropriate measuring solution for your OEM application in the air humidity field.

We assemble the ideal transmitter for your application from a comprehensive range of modular components and accurate sensors.

Duct mounting

Transmitters in a compact duct design enable really easy mounting directly on ventilation ducts. Choose between various analogue and digital output signals. Not all measuring points are the same, so our transmitters enable us to be flexible and to cater for your individual requirements in terms of design as well.


Wall mounting

The same applies here: where is the measurement to be made? Choose between transmitters for wall mounting with integrated, remote or wired sensors. A simple plug-in concept makes it child's play to change a probe. You have a choice of different probes for virtually every application and measuring range, constructed in such a way that your wishes can be catered for in terms of design or the material to be used as well. Here too, there are various analogue and digital output signals available to you.


Cable design

There is no need for a display or an extra housing for the electrical connections, but you do want the most compact design possible for this? Sometimes there really is not much space, but accurate and robust measuring technology is nevertheless required! Measure temperature and relative humidity with our compact probes/transmitters. You can for instance get readings as a standardized digital I²C signal.