Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technology

Air conditioning system
In refrigeration circuits, in heating circuits, in rooms: air conditioning systems can only work perfectly and ensure a pleasant indoor climate if the appropriate temperatures are reached here. The following Testo Sensor temperature probes are particularly suitable:
Heat pump
Heat pump control units must record numerous temperatures to operate efficiently and cost-effectively: at the heat source, in the buffer storage or on the heating circuit. Testo Sensor offers you temperature probes which are tailored for these measuring tasks:
Thermal solar cells and solar collectors
The use of solar heat in buildings can significantly reduce fuel consumption. Especially when the temperatures at the relevant flow, return and accumulator points are ideally monitored and evaluated. You can keep a really close eye on all measuring points using Testo Sensor's temperature probes.
Heat accumulators have developed into the key interface between solar collectors, boilers, hot water systems and heating systems. Optimum temperature control ensures the efficiency of all the components here. The following sensors from Testo Sensor are particularly suitable for these measuring tasks:
So that boilers can convert energy from the fuel as fully as possible into heat, the flow, boiler and flue gas temperatures must be permanently monitored. Testo Sensor's temperature probes take on all these measuring tasks:
Temperature probes for the outdoors are deliberately designed to respond slowly, so that heating and air conditioning systems which are controlled by the weather can adjust their output imperceptibly to the way the outside temperature changes. In addition, the robust housings are of course protected against dust, water and UV radiation.
So that indoor temperature-controlled heating and air conditioning systems can react quickly and reliably to temperature fluctuations, they need a probe which is configured to respond swiftly. Testo Sensor offers indoor temperature probes with different probe characteristics and housing shapes.